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Denim, while versatile,  is not a necessary wardrobe staple. I personally only own two pairs of jeans, which hardly every make their way out of my closet. Building outfits around a few key pieces is a good way to get the most out of your wardrobe, but I’d be lying if I said that trendy statement pieces aren’t some of my favorite things to wear.

If you don’t like denim, here’s how to build a wardrobe without jeans: 

1. Harem Pants: A comfortable alternative to jeans, the harem trouser is often times pleated for a structured look. They are looser throughout the thigh and come down to a tight ankle. I suggest pairing them with a cute pair of booties and a moto jacket for a perfect fall look.

2. Jeggings: Love them or hate them, they are definitely a good alternative to normal jeans. They include materials such as cotton and polyester, and always include spandex. As an added benefit, many jeggings look very similar to denim so you can still build an outfit as if you were wearing jeans. Additionally, most people can’t immediately tell the difference between jeggings and jeans just by looking at them.

3. Patterned Twill Pants: These pants are mostly made of cotton meaning they are extra soft and comfy. You can find them in hundreds of different patterns at stores like Nordstrom, Boden, and H&M. They also transition well between work and happy hour (read: both professional and casual).

If you would rather not bother with pants, try:

1. The Midi Skirt: These mid-calf length skirts are in this season. If you are weary of the midi, try pairing it with a crop top or a tucked-in form fitting top. Add a belt to the last one and you’re good to go.

2. The A-Line Dress: Forever a classic, an A-Line dress will highlight your waist and fall gracefully over your hips highlighting your natural silhouette. Add tights to wear dresses as you transition into fall. When the temperatures drop even further, add knee-high riding boots to your outfit for added warmth.

3. The High-Waisted Skirt: Never fear the high-waisted skirt – it’s an automatic waist definer! Look for skirts that fit you in your natural waist, and fall anywhere between mid-thigh to mid-calf. Balance them with a fitted top and a cardigan.

You don’t need jeans to have a fabulous wardrobe in fact, you don’t even need to include them as a staple. There are plenty of other options (both pants and non-pants) to dress your bottom half. Happy shopping!

What are your thoughts on jeans? Have you eliminated them from your wardrobe?