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Even though the ombré trend isn’t as hot as it was last summer, it’s still a fun and trendy way to express yourself. Whether through ombré fashion, hair, eye makeup looks or nails, ombré is still cute.

Many ombré nail tutorials include buying five different shades of one color and gradually creating an ombré effect by painting each of your nails with a different color. Even though this trick is great, did you know that it’s possible to create an amazing ombré manicure with only two polishes? All you need are white and a bright hue of your desired color, such as pink or blue, in addition to a base and top coat. This awesome tutorial from Birchbox gives you the low-down on how to achieve this trendy look.

1.) Pick a base color, using a nail polish with a crème finish rather than a sheer or metallic polish for a more even look.

2.) Gather together a paper plate, a piece of foil, or an empty egg carton to use as a palette for mixing your colors together. Also be sure that you have a small paintbrush or makeup brush in order to blend the colors correctly.

3.) Dab four drops of your colored polish onto your chosen work surface, and then add drops of white polish to each pile of your palette. Make sure that you increase the amount of white that you add to each drop as you go to achieve desired shades of colors. Mix your shades together with your small paintbrush or makeup brush until you have four distinct shades. Remember, your fifth shade is the shade of the polish that you originally used.

4.) Apply your colors! You can apply the color with your small paintbrush or makeup brush, or by using the original polish brush, making sure that you clean it in between colors. The experts at Birchbox recommend applying the colors from light to dark, with the darkest color on your thumbs. You are more than welcome to experiment with the colors though based on your preferences, which might mean doing the exact opposite.

Next time you’re searching for a new nail trend to try, experiment with this variation of ombré nails!