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Question: What should I wear for plane travel?

Answer: Travelling can be super stressful. If you’re a nervous flier or just easily overwhelmed by all that flying entails, it really helps to feel comfortable on your flight. If you’re seeing someone for the first time in a long time at your destination, you’ll definitely want to look good too — flying can be unpredictable. Here’s a super simple outfit I’ve put together that would be great for travelling

While you might not be able to prepare entirely for a delayed or cancelled flight, you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable in this look. On top, start with a comfortable tank in a neutral tone and your favorite pair of printed leggings. The tank will keep you cool and the “second-skin” feel of leggings will make it easy to move around when you’re going through security. They’ll also be super comfy to sit in for a few hours on the flight, as compared to jeans that are too tight.

Then throw on a slightly over-sized denim button-down. Make sure it at least covers your butt, so it doesn’t look like you mistook leggings for pants. If your flight is cold, the button-down and tank combo won’t leave you feeling too bare.

An infinity scarf is the perfect addition to this look. It’ll keep you warm, if you wrap around or you can leave it somewhat loose and look effortlessly chic. An awesome travel bag is a definite necessity. Being able to find what you need on the flight (a book, headphones, earplugs, gum, what ever staves off your fliers anxiety) in one fashionable place is what I love about over-sized totes. Find one that compliments your outfit and bring it with as a carry on.

As for shoes, you’ll need something you can slip easily into and out of. A pair of low-heeled zip up booties or neutral-toned oxfords will be perfect.

Keep your makeup as simple as possible, so you’re not worried about lipstick smudges or eyeliner running on the plane. Follow these tips and you’ll look great and feel great while carving out your own zen little corner on your flight to anywhere.