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 What are some different braid styles to try?

Answer: Braids look great for any occasion, whether the event is completely casual or black tie. With so many different types of braids and different ways to wear them, changing up your ‘do from day to day is a breeze.

1.  Wrap-front braid

This bohemian-inspired braid is simple to do, but really makes a statement. Start by parting your hair down the middle and separate a 1 ½ inch section from the very front of your hair on one side. Make a braid all the way down to the end of your hair and tie with a small clear hair tie. Do the same on the opposite side and also secure with a hair tie. Next, take the braid on the left side and bring it across your forehead so that it sits right on your hair line (like a front-sitting headband). Tuck it underneath the braid on the right side and criss-cross two bobby pins over it so that the braid stays in place. Now take the right braid and bring it across your forehead so that it sits right underneath the left braid, forming a double-braided headband. Secure this braid on the left side of your head with two criss-crossed bobby pins. You’re all set! This braid is also a great trick for high foreheads to help create the look of a lower hair line.

2. Messy fishtail

The fishtail has been a hot style for a while now, but for anyone who is still unsure of how to create this coveted look—allow me to explain! For starters, it may be easier to create this braid if working from a low ponytail secured with a hair tie. Take the ponytail and separate it in two even sections. Now, separate a very small section of hair from the outermost side of the right section and bring it across towards the left large section of hair. Tuck this small piece underneath the left section and hold underneath. Next, separate the same-sized small section from the outermost side of the left section of hair and do the same thing—bring it across and tuck underneath the right section of hair and hold. Seems tricky, right? You’ll get the hang of it. Keep bringing small sections over and under until eventually you’ll see the fishtail forming. Once you get all the way to the end, secure with a hair tie. For a messier, more casual look, start pulling apart the braid horizontally so that it loosens and pieces start to come out a bit. You can even rub sections of the braid in between your fingers to make it a bit grunge-y.

3. French fishtail

After you’ve started to master the fishtail, you can mix things up a bit with this new braid style. Start by parting your hair on the side, and create a French braid from the side with the most hair (if you part your hair on the left, start the French braid on the right side of your head). Leave the smaller section of hair off to the side (we’ll get to that later). Once you’ve French braided to about your earlobe, discontinue the French braid and start fishtailing. To do this, just stop the French braid and separate the three sections so that they make two big sections and begin the fishtail. Now, on to the section of hair that was left out—you can either braid that as well, or leave it be. Whatever you choose to do, tuck it back by the nape of your neck and secure with bobby pins.

4. Double braid

For another loose and glamorous braid, try the (super easy!) double braid. Start by bringing your hair over to one side. Separate your hair in to two sections, and braid both of those sections. Secure each braid with a hair tie. Take both braids and line them up next to each other so it looks as if you have one big six-strand braid. Take some bobby pins and start pinning the braid together in the middle so that they stay together. One you’re finished, pull out a few face-framing pieces, and you’re all done!

What braid styles are you currently loving?