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beautiful hair

Photo by Bella Faye

Running late? We all unintentionally oversleep and miss our phone alarms, causing us to run around the house in a frenzy looking for an outfit to wear. Though you’ve woken up thirty minutes later than usual, you don’t actually want to look like you totally just rolled out of bed ten minutes ago. Here are some easy peasy hair-dos if you’re running short on time for school or work:

Braid Your Bangs

Start by grabbing your bangs and french braiding them back. If you don’t know how to braid, you can just grab sections of your hair and twist it back. The braid and twist will look very similar, so you can definitely get away with just twisting your hair back! Secure with bobby pins.

The Poof

Do a poof by taking your bangs. Tease with a rat tail comb and pin back with bobby pins. Feel free to wave your hair with a waver(I recommend the Bed Head Wave Artist Waver) for some added finesse.

The Bun/Topknot

Start off by grabbing a bun donut. Put your hair in a ponytail and start by twisting your hair around the donut, making sure that all of the donut is covered. I’d also highly recommend buying a bun donut that matches your hair color, as it’ll blend in easily. If you find twisting your hair around the donut difficult, you can also try putting the donut through the ponytail, and rolling your ponytail towards the donut. Finish off with hairspray, and clip and fly aways. Secure the donut with another ponytail for maximum security.

The Wavy Ponytail

Wave the ends of your hair only and put your hair up into a ponytail for a cute, flirty wavy ponytail! Wear this ponytail low or high—it’s up to you! I also like finishing off my ponytails by putting some jojoba oil on the top of my ponytail; I feel as if it gives my ponytail a cute, sleek look!

Adding Color to Your Braid

Braid your hair down the middle. To do so, start by sectioning your hair into three equal parts. Take the first part and twist it with the second, then take the second and twist it with the third. Continue until you’re done with all of your hair. Then, grab some hair chalk or pastels and color a few strands of your hair to add some quick color!