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Are you tired of being cold and wet? Once fall rolls around we become obsessed with sweater weather, pumpkin spice everything and date nights that usually begin and end at home cuddling on the couch with hot chocolate. It seems we forget about the dreaded transition from summer to fall, where sweater weather is really that in between of ‘it’s so humid my frizz can’t be tamed’ because it rains sporadically.

raincoats for fall

Photo: Mike Kniek

Oh, rain. It always looks romantic kissing in the rain in the movies or when they’re dancing around with a super cute umbrella without a care in the world. Reality check, in your morning routine how many times do you tell yourself you’re going to check the forecast but don’t because you needed five extra minutes of sleep or your baby hairs wouldn’t stay down? It takes two seconds but those two seconds we don’t take out in the morning can leave us drenched and shivering while we’re walking to and from our destination.

It always seems to rain at the most inappropriate times. When you’re wearing suede boots and they become ruined once you squelch into a puddle or when you spent an hour curling your hair and you forgot your umbrella. Then there are the times that you remember your umbrella but it breaks the moment a gust of wind and hard rain catches it, leaving you a sopping mess with stringy hair and mascara running down your cheeks. Be thankful everyone else around you will know it’s because of the rain and not the fact that you had a fight with your significant other or mother the night before.

Stop drying yourself off underneath the bathroom hand dryer and invest in one of these stylish raincoats this season:

It can be hard to find a cute and affordable raincoat. Classic ones look dowdy and plain. Does anyone really look good in a plastic jacket? Raincoats remind me of those plastic ponchos they give you at amusement parks making you forever look like a fool, which is why when you find the perfect one you need to purchase it without hesitation. If you don’t want something printed or too trendy try black instead of red or blue. It won’t look cheap, tacky or make you feel like your mother dressed you.

A coat that resembles a utility jacket is another great option as well. It’s still wearable once the rain stops so you won’t stick out like a sore thumb or feel uncomfortable. Plus, it’ll look great with skinny jeans and rain boots that you should invest in as well. Most utility jackets come with a hood, which is an added bonus, and a number of pockets so you can keep your phone dry and other essentials as you try to get from point A to point B.



What’s better than a raincoat that looks more like a pea coat? Talk about versatile! You can still look trendy in the rain (yes, white after Labor Day works here) and the belt adds a small touch of pizzazz. Great if you’re going on a date or you’re walking into work and want to look put together without trying too hard.

Bear with me for a second. I know yellow is a little out there. Everyone will see you coming a mile away but this coat is completely polished and the grown up version of the bright and uncomfortable raincoats from your younger years. Plus, it’s kind of a reverse on the How I Met Your Mother yellow umbrella. Hey, maybe with this raincoat you’ll meet your future Ted.

If solid colors aren’t for you, go for a print. Ladybugs and flowers are cute without overdoing it and can add a sporty vibe to your look,  leopard shows you mean business on a rainy day and polka dots are a classic option to make you feel like you’re in a different era.





Maybe you’ll feel like a flasher but trench coats are trendy and cute in the rain. Sure most of them don’t have hoods, major negative for rainy days, but invest in a cute (and sturdy) umbrella and you’ll never look better. Go for beige, black or brown trench coats or look for ones that are quilted or with colored piping to add some extra oomph.

Finally, the cape. This cape reminds me of Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. It’s chic but almost looks like you could kick major butt on the street. No one will want to mess with you but they will want to know where you bought your cape, they’ll just be too intimated to ask.

Invest in one of these raincoats and you can stay fashionable and dry this rainy season.