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Question: How can I get rid of under-eye circles?

Answer: These days, it seems like we’re constantly on the run. Who has time for sleep, right? Unfortunately, that lack of sleep can lead to the dreaded under-eye circle. Sure, smokey eyes are hot right now, but only on the eyelids! It’s true that everyone needs the recommended six to eight hours of sleepand sometimes even more! But for those occasions when a good night’s rest just isn’t an option, here are some quick and easy tips to get rid of the raccoon eyes.

Home Remedies

The easiest natural remedy to this problem is to drink more water! Hydration is essential for a good complexion. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and refill it often. To take this tip a step further, opt for decaffeinated coffee in the morning or none at all!

We’ve all heard of the sliced-cucumber method. Though it’s actually been proven to reduce puffiness, chances are when you’re on the go, you won’t have extra time to slice up a cucumber. Luckily, a frozen spoon is another technique that’s just as effective as the cucumber. Simply put two metal spoons in the freezerone for each eyeand wait ten to fifteen minutes. If you’re doing this in the morning, you can style your hair while you wait! Once the time has passed, place the spoons on your dark circles, and hold them in place until they’re no longer cold.

Beauty Products

So maybe you can’t bring yourself to put frozen metal on your eyelids. That’s fine! Thankfully, there are tons of skincare products that help reduce under-eye circles!

Every girls needs a good concealer in her beauty arsenal. For the best of the best, try Amazing Concealer. True to its name, this concealer instantly covers any imperfections. And unlike other products, it will actually stay in place! Just a small dab of Amazing goes a long way and keeps your dark circles hidden away.

For a true quick-fix, try Garnier’s Nutritioniste Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller. This two-in-one product contains caffeine to wake up and refresh your skin, plus pigments to help conceal imperfections. It comes in a simple roll-on applicator that can be applied anywhere, anytime. It’s perfect for a gal on the go!

Just remember that though these products are helpful when you’re in a bind, they’re not a substitute for adequate sleep! Catching the appropriate amount of Z’s will definitely give you the skin you want.

How do you get rid of under-eye circles?