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Question: I have rosacea; can I wear blush/bronzer?

Answer: 16 million people in the United States suffer from rosacea, a skin disorder that causes redness and inflammation of the cheeks, chin, forehead, nose and eyelids. According to the National Rosacea Society, 76 percent of people who reported suffering from the condition stated that it lowered their confidence and self-esteem. Follow these beauty tips that will surely conceal rosacea:

Skin care

Skin care products such as astringents, toners and skin exfoliants are known to aggravate rosacea, so avoid these products at all costs. Be sure to avoid products that contain harsh ingredients—gentle skin care products are key.


Being that rosacea makes your skin care prone to irritation, combat this by using an oil and fragrance-free foundation, as it is less likely to irritate rosacea. When choosing foundation for rosacea, vouch for one with a green tint to even out skin tone and eliminate redness. Don’t forget to make sure the foundation also comes with sunscreen—you’ll want to protect your skin from sun exposure.

Mineral powder

It’s best to use a mineral powder on your face rather than traditionally prepared face powders. Also, since many mineral powders are formulated to reduce skin discoloration, choose one with yellow tones and dust it over your foundation to even out your skin tone.


To help conceal the redness caused by rosacea, purchase an oil free concealer. For best results, choose a concealer that matches your natural skin color most closely. Dab it on exposed blood vessels and red blotches, facial bumps, and blend it well into the skin. For a more balanced skin tone, apply the concealer before the foundation and then blend the foundation on top.


When choosing a mineral blush, it’s vital that you pick one that’s specifically for reducing redness. This means steering clear of strong colors that will bring out the redness in your skin, since you have enough color in your skin from the rosacea. Neutral colors without warm tones work best. When applying, disperse it sparingly with an antibacterial makeup brush, sweeping the brush from the center of your cheeks to the temples.


When it comes to lipstick, think neutral and close to your natural lip color. Harsh, warm red shades will make rosacea even more noticeable.

Eye makeup

Avoid waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner, as many individuals with rosacea suffer from red and itchy eyes. As for color, choose neutral shades. Strong eye shadow colors will call attention to the redness in your skin.