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sephora job interview

Question: What should I wear to a Sephora job interview?

Answer: Congratulations on landing a job interview at Sephora! You’ve already prepared your online presence and freshened up your social media profiles, so now it’s time to show them in-person why they should hire youβ€”which means you’ve got to make them think that they should’ve hired you long ago. The most important trick, aside from impressing them with your amazing personality, is to dress the part. That’s right. Dress like you already have the job. If you know anything about Sephora (which I hope you do!), you already know what this means: wearing all black.

Outfit options:

Keep it chic in all-black.

– Black slacks + blouse

– Black tights, pencil skirt + button-up with blazer


And when it comes to makeup, the last thing you want to do is rush through your routine. After all, it’s a Sephora interviewβ€”so naturally your makeup should look nothing short of amazing. Don’t be afraid to rock a smokey eye. While most job interviews are fairly conservative, you can actually safely wear quite a bit of makeup when interviewing with Sephora. But don’t forget to focus on either the eyes or the lips (not both).

Personally, I think there’s no going wrong with a classic red lip and winged liner. And don’t forget to fill in and blend those brows.

Remember that you may very well have to attend a series of interviews before getting hired at Sephora. If you follow these tips, you’ll definitely wow them at each and every interview. Good luck, and don’t forget to breathe! Let us know how everything goes.

Photo by Jeepers Media

  • Makeup_craze

    SO glad I found this on Google. About to interview with Sephora tomorrow.

  • Carol

    good tips. my friend who got a job at Sephora went with a brown smokey eye and nude lips.

  • jessica

    I’ll have to go through a series of interviews? One is enough! My nerves may get the best of me.