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What are five pairs of shoes every woman should have in her closet?

Answer: Shoes are a girl’s best friend. My mom used to tell me, “A good pair of shoes will take places.” There are certain pairs of shoes that all girls should have in their closets, because you never know when you’ll need them.

Black platform heels

You never know when you’ll have a cocktail party or a job interview, so add these heels to your closet for those unexpected moments. They’re great shoes for clubbing or partying as well—they’re extremely versatile.


The second pair of shoes every girl should own? A pair of rainboots, of course. Rainboots are super important, because we all know that the weather doesn’t wait for anyone. You should buy a quality pair of rainboots, such as Hunter Rainboots ($150,, which can be worn in both rain and snow. Bad weather can often ruin other types of shoes, so invest in some rainboots and spare your others the wear and tear.


The third pair of shoes would be a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes. You should always have a pair of comfortable shoes. Just because these shoes are comfortable doesn’t mean they aren’t fashionable. There are many really good looking sneakers like Nike’s Roshe Runs or Vans. Now you can run in style.


A sturdy pair of boots are great paired with almost everything, especially tights or leggings. Any length is fine, but I think you should get one that covers most of your calves. They’re wonderful for walking, especially if there is just a tiny little heel. They’re super stylish and an absolute necessity.


Flats can double up as business and casual shoes. They’re also comfortable, unlike most heels. They’re great for parties, too, and can be worn basically anywhere. It’s super important to have comfortable shoes in your closet…need we say more?

Shoes are a great fashion statement, and owning more than one pair is important for achieving different looks.