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There are many petite models who have great careers! Don’t be discouraged just because of your size. The most important attributes in the modeling industry are your looks and exclusivity.  If you really think you can do it…go for it!   Based on the fashion industry, petite is anyone 5’5″ and under.   In the United States, 70% of women are petite.  The average height is 5’3″.

Here are 5 petite famous models who have proved that making it big is all about motivation and hard work:

Victoria Beckham:  model, singer and entrepreneur, 5’4″

Eva Longoria  Actress, model and entrepreneur 5’2″

Devon Aoki  top model 5’4″


 Sarah Jessica Parker actress  5’3″


Kim Kardashian 5’2″

When you’re a petite girl, anything you wear will downsize your height — including your shoes.  In a world where fashion is made up of people who are 5″7 or taller, petite women have a big challenge when it is time to dress up. Here some ideas on how you can add some extension to your legs:

Remember that you always want to create continuity and a visual length, so you must avoid cutting your body in chunks. Here are your favorable styles; these styles will make your legs look longer with any outfit.  So go ahead: stock up your closet with this styles and rock them like a pro.  You can mix and match them and they will look fabulous on you.

The Pointed Toe Shoe

Pointed toe shoes give you an inch or two in height, creating the effect of longer legs.  Match them with your skirt.  If you wear them with slacks, match the color of the slacks with the shoes.


The Strappy Shoes

This is one of the most favorable shoes for petite women.  Specially the ones who have few thin straps, as they’ll make your legs look long and slender.

The Clear Cuts

This type of style can be like this one from Christian Louboutin; the shoe is completely clear and the details are the only ones that show up. Or, alternatively, part of the shoe is clear and the other part is in any other material.  Louboutin is one of the famous designers who use this style a lot.  The clear cuts are very elegant when they are used correctly.

The Platforms 

A great way to add height on your legs is to pick platforms.  Make sure the heel is as wide as the top part of the shoe if the bottom part is a different color a darker color at the bottom is the best option. Skinny stilettos will make your legs looks slender.


The Wedge 

Wedges will add height and they are gorgeous.  A great way to cover up the height of the wedge is to pick styles like this one.  This style cover the front of the platform as part of the front design on the shoe, making you look taller and not giving away the extra height given by the wedge.


D’orsay Pumps

This is a very sexy style for any woman.  D’orsay shoes are the ones where the sides are missing and the front of the shoe is very close to the toe lines making the arch of the foot completely exposed.  Because of the missing part on the sides it create a visual effect of a longer feet and legs.



Mules are the type of shoe where the back of the shoe is missing.  Vouch for a single color.  A good example is this one from Guess footwear they mix styles, like a pointed toe heel and a mule in a single shoe.



The Maybe Gallery:

 Just be careful how you use them and what you match them with.

Stay away from gladiator shoes, as they will make you look smaller than what you are. Here is how a Gladiator sandal look like.  Unless, of course,  they are gladiator high heels and they don’t go over half of your calf.  Use them with a mini skirt or shorts and you would look like a diva.



Clogs are the type of shoes that have wood soles and leather top.  They are heavy and rustic.  If you like this style, you must select one who doesn’t have the typical heavy sole. A way to create this is to select styles like this one who is a little bit sleek.


Avoid any heavy wide designs over the foot because that will create a lot of distraction towards your feets and shorten the length of your legs. If you like them a lot (because they are gorgeous), you must wear them with skirts that go over the knees (mini skirts)


The platforms

Even that platforms are good for petite women not all platforms are beneficial.  You don’t want to over do it and look like a tiny person in a huge brick.  Be careful with thick platforms that are too heavy and have layers they will make your feet look too heavy and your legs shorter than what they really are.


I hope you like the styles. Let us know which one you like the most.  If you have more questions, you are in the right place to get your answers.