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Ahh, shoppingthe perfect way to relive stress and indulge in yourself. I mean, haven’t you heard of retail therapy?! Shopping can be addicting; just one more coat, just one more glance! We tend to spend more than we really expected to and we try to justify it with “But it was on sale” and “I really needed that faux leather bracelet!”

Shopping becomes a problem when you start spending way more than you should. When your closet door doesn’t fully close, and when you open it, a mountain-high pile comes flooding out. When your credit card company calls you to ask why you haven’t paid off your bill yet. When you feel the need to justify every purchase with “But I need that in my life.” When you find yourself buying stuff you remotely don’t need—perhaps an egg cracker, or even an iced tea maker. When you have twenty articles of clothing that look almost identical to the one you bought. When you come home with shopping bags and your boyfriend looks at you concernedly. When you feel the need to freeze your credit card to stop spending.  When you use clothing as a measure of currency; that drink is almost as much as a pair of Jeans at Forever21!

Okay, you get the point. But shopping doesn’t have to be an addiction! It can simply be a hobby, a simple way to pass time. It’s perfectly okay to shop in moderation. Only buy stuff you really need. Like, for right now. No, you’re not going to wear that in twenty years. Who knows if you’ll really grow into those jeans?  I highly suggest that you pieces that are versatile and can make more than one outfit.  Also, try shopping on a budget; when there are sales. Instead of going on a shopping spree in one day and binge shopping, perhaps try limiting yourself to the items you buy each week.  Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be saving money in no time!