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What do I need to know before trying the short hair trend?

Answer: Over the past few months, it has been impossible not to notice this daring new trend. Women everywhere are forgoing their long, luscious locks and trading them in for shorter styles. Whether or not this trend was started by the queen of the crop herself, Miley Cyrus—more and more women are choosing this effortlessly chic short look. While cutting off some serious inches may seem more than daunting, we’ve got some great tips for going short this spring:

Research, research, research

Before running to the salon, take some time to find what you like and don’t like in a haircut. Pinterest is the promise land of hair inspiration. Whether you’re opting for a JLaw crop or a shoulder skimming style a la Jennifer Aniston, printing out a few pictures to bring to your stylist will ensure you’re both on the same page. If you’re looking for a new stylist to chop those locks, try asking a girlfriend with fabulous hair where she gets hers done. And, of course, be sure to discuss the sort of vibe you want with your stylist (before she gets the scissors out).


When changing your hair drastically, the last thing you want is to have a miscommunication with your stylist. Make sure the two are in agreement with the perfect cut for you. Length, layers, and overall shape of the cut should all be mentioned when discussing your new look. If being able to pull your hair back into a ponytail is important to you, make it known. Your hairstylist may suggest a slightly different cut based on your specific hair type, so don’t be afraid to consider her suggestions. The stylist almost always knows best!

The Big Cut

Leaving the salon feeling 5 pounds lighter and 10 times sassier, enjoy playing with your new cropped cut. Your stylist may suggest different styling products than you’re used to using. A root lift will give you extra oomph of volume throughout the day and mousse will definitely become your new best friend. Wear your hair in a variety of new styles. Using vintage barrettes to clip back your locks can add flair to not only your hair, but also your entire style. Play with other accessories such as headscarves, headbands, and bobby pins. There really are endless new looks to try out.

Tell us: what is your favorite way to rock your short look?

  • anna

    This is such a cute hair trend!