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Brides look their very best on their wedding day. And the secret not only lies on the dress or makeup they wear, but how they have prepared their body – particularly their skin – days, weeks, and even months before that big day. Do you want to have a healthy, vibrant, and gorgeous looking skin on your wedding day? Then you should start an effective skin care regimen as early as now. Here are some of the best regimens you can add:

–          Spot and resolve your skin issues early on. Several months before the wedding, you should already start spotting and solving your skin issues. Do you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin? Or perhaps, concerns on lines, wrinkles, spots, or pigmentation? Research and implement a beauty regimen that would minimize or eliminate these concerns. If these skin imperfections have been existing for years even with your existing skin care regimen, then it only means all your existing efforts are ineffective and it’s time for you to shift to another skin care program.

–          Clean, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. Being busy with the wedding preparations should not be an excuse for you to observe simple and quick activities that would help maintain that healthy and glowing skin. No matter how occupied your daily schedule is, never forget to clean your skin, exfoliate, and finally moisturize it. Of course, if you don’t your bridal makeup artist is almost certain to mention it to you from time to time.

Cleaning eliminates dirt and oil which causes other skin problems like acne. Exfoliation renews your skin while moisturizes ensure its soft and elastic nature. Moisturizing the skin can be done externally like the use of cosmetic products and internally by drinking lots of water and eating watery fruits like melon and watermelon.

–          Have a monthly facial or spa session. If budget is not a concern, you can spend a day at the spa or facial center every month for at least six months before the wedding. It’s not only relaxing but can also leave your skin as smooth as silk. A full body spa session usually involves massaging, scrubbing, and brushing. This would benefit body parts you tend to ignore or those you can’t reach like your back.

–          Avoid too much sun exposure. After successfully finding a successful beauty product or regimen, you should minimize exposure to sunlight. Direct and prolonged contact with UV rays can bring back or worsen your skin concerns like uneven tone, pigmentation, oily skin, spots, etc. If you can’t totally avoid it, use a sun screen or sun block.

–          Supplement on Vitamins C and E. Nutrition also plays a vital role in achieving a healthy and glowing skin. Try consuming foods that are rich in Vitamins C and E. These are two of the vitamins directly linked to having a perfect skin. If you can’t get the best levels of these vitamins from your diet, you can alternately take supplements.

–          Get enough sleep and rest. Another important tip is to ensure that you are well-rested weeks and days before your wedding. Lack of sleep and rest shows on your appearance no matter how hard your efforts are in hiding it. When you lack sleep and are restless, you tend to sweat more. Not to mention that your skin particularly your eyes can show the problem and overnight pimples can just break out.