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Having worked at Starbucks for over a year, I’ve seen interview after interview—the successes and the failures. Job interviews are always scary in and of themselves, so stressing about what to wear is just the icing on the cake! Thankfully, I’ve got some tips on how to dress to keep the look professional and sophisticated—after all, that’s what Starbucks is all about!

Study the Baristas

This is probably the biggest and most important tip I can share when it comes to what to wear to a Starbucks interview. Stop by the store you’re interviewing for and check out what the baristas are wearing. You want the manager to be able to picture you working at their store, so it’s best to check out what the partners at the store are wearing and mimic that. Starbucks dress code consists of black or khaki pants with a white or black button down shirt, but some stores are more lenient on this policy than others. Meaning the colors stay the same, but some stores allow black jeans with a white tank top and a black sweater, etc. In short, it’s important to see how the baristas are dressing and take some cues. For an interview, color is definitely okay, but try to match the general style you’re seeing in the store.

Tuck in That Shirt!

This is Starbucks policy—shirts need to be tucked in. Like mentioned before, some stores are lenient on this policy, but for your interview, it’s important to look the part, so make sure that whatever you’re wearing accommodates shirt-tucking. This also will add to the air of sophistication you’re going for. I suggest a button-down shirt no matter what, whether it be colored or neutral. Button-downs look the best tucked in to nice pants, especially high-waisted ones!

Skip the Skirts

Skirts are frowned upon when it comes to Starbucks unless you’re looking at corporate. For a store job, you’re going to want pants. Trust me. Again, we’re aiming to look like a barista already, so skip the skirts and dresses and look for a nice pair of neutral pants. You don’t need to go out and spend a fortune on an interview outfit just for one job—try and buy things that you’ll be able to wear for the job itself. I get all of my work clothes in the career section of JCPenny. The brand Worthington has great work clothes that look professional for an interview and will work for the job as well, so you’re killing two birds with one stone! Check out some nice black pants that fit well, and you’ll have sophistication written all over you!

Check Your Hair & Makeup

This was my mistake when I interviewed for Starbucks. Keep in mind that my interview was on-the-spot, but I still should have been more prepared when it came to hair and makeup. Hair should be up and out of your face. If you’re going to do a hairband, go for something neutral and don’t add bows or flowers because those aren’t Starbucks dress code. For makeup, go professional. Try a nude lip with a neutral smoky eye. Again, you want the manager to be able to picture you working at their store, so you don’t want to have crazy hair or makeup. Starbucks prefers natural makeup and natural hair (even my red hair is a little too bright for their liking!), so try to keep this look in mind when you’re getting dressed.

Match What You Say to How You Look

This is less a tip on what to wear exactly and more just a tip for interviews in general, but it’s important to keep in mind. You don’t want to be dressed nice and professional and talk like a teenager. Remember that you should act as sophisticated as you look. Talk with confidence and remember to smile! Starbucks looks for people with good energy that have a positive attitude and good customer service qualities. Don’t stress if you don’t have work experience, but keep in mind that they will ask how you would handle certain situations and it’s important to respond to these questions in a professional manner. How you act and what you say is going to say a lot more about you than how you’re dressed, but it is incredibly important to make a good first impression!

I hope these tips help put you at ease for your interview! Just remember to aim for a professional vibe and you’ll be learning to make lattes in no time!