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Question: How can I streamline my wardrobe?

Answer: If you’re a fellow fashionista, you know that it’s a constant battle to keep your closet organized. I constantly have to refresh my wardrobe if my clothes don’t fit or if I’m simply running out of room! If this sounds familiar, there are different rules you can follow to streamline your wardrobe.

Keeping a simple set of rules handy will make your organizing much faster and more efficient. An easy rule of thumb is to donate an item if it’s not functional, beautiful or sentimental. To be more specific—if it’s not functional, then it doesn’t fit well or serve a purpose in your life. If it’s not beautiful, it doesn’t look flattering, and if it’s not sentimental, then you have no emotional attachment to the item. These rules are much easier to follow when you go through items one by one, so try to set aside an hour or two to make your decisions.


It helps to make a list of what you actually need in your closet. For example, what do you spend most of your time doing? What are your hobbies? Does your wardrobe mainly consist of business professional attire, or are you an athlete with a ton of workout clothes? Whatever the case may be, only keep the clothing and accessories that you will actually use the most.

Get rid of duplicates

Look over of your closet to see if you have several of the same item. For example, I recently noticed how I have 4 different white t-shirts for no good reason! Having multiples of the same item serves no purpose unless you wear the same thing every day, so get rid of excess. Do you have four different pairs of black heels, five different kinds of distressed denim or three different black blazers? Less is more, so stick with one high quality item that will last for years.


When you’re ready to toss some items, figure out where you can donate those extra pieces. I think it’s such a great idea to give back to the community, especially because not every fashionista can afford new designer merchandise. Try looking up a local thrift shop like Goodwill, which has locations across the country. When you donate to Goodwill, you can even receive a tax break for the merchandise that you donate. Streamlining your wardrobe saves you time and money, which any fashionista can appreciate!