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Question: What is the best way to style short hair?

Answer: Styling short hair inevitably comes with obstacles. If you have layers or a pixie cut, you know more than anyone that attempting to pin those extra baby hairs into place can be frustrating. However, transiting from long to short hair is a very big trend right now — celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway have been bringing short hair back again. It’s easier to wash and literally takes weight off of your shoulders. Pulling short hair back into a braid or ponytail may not be possible for some, but there are ways to work around that. Check out a few of our favorite ways to style short hair:

Pixie cut with side-swept bangs

If you are considering an edgy haircut, the pixie cut is a good option. Go for a long angled side swept bang to perfectly complement your face. Even though this cut is short, it still has dimension and texture. Using a flat iron is key to making this hairstyle sleek. Finish it off with your favorite hairspray or styling cream. You’ve got yourself a winner!

Bob with pinned back braids

This second hairstyle is for girls with short bobs, or for those who are growing out their hair. If you can’t wear one big braid, vouch for smaller braids that frame your face. This is one of my favorite styles because it’s quick, easy and cute. In this photo, Carey Mulligan is sporting a textured, messy bob — but you can feel free to style your hair as neat or as messy as you want. You can do this with a middle or side part. To recreate this look, take small sections of hair and use a flat iron. Run your hair through hair to fluff it up a bit, then part your hair on either side and take a small section from the front, making 2-3 braids. Pin them back with a bobby pin. Spray with hairspray or use a texturing paste to tame any frizz.

Sleek curls

Curling short hair is no easy task! I’ve failed many times before achieving this look, so remember that practice makes perfect. I like this look because it’s cute, stylish, and works for any occasion. To recreate this hairstyle, I would suggest using a ½ inch to 1-inch curling iron. If you don’t have bangs like Rachel McAdams, don’t sweat it — the less hair you have to worry about, the better. Begin by sectioning your hair from the back and clip up the rest. Make sure your curling iron is hot, and wrap your hair around the barrel. Curling under is fine too. Continue sectioning your hair, wrapping small layers around the barrel, and holding for 15-20 seconds. If you want looser curls, wrap more hair…if you want tighter curls, wrap less hair. It all depends on the look you want. Finish off with hairspray and voilà!

Don’t forget that hair can be stubborn and unruly, so have patience!

What is your favorite way to style short hair?