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While some girls just don’t feel comfortable in heels, others love them. You have to admit that having an on-the-go lifestyle makes it nearly impossible to wear heels every day. Luckily, this season’s shoe trends are all about comfort and the unexpected. There are several stylish alternatives to heels that can give an outfit a similar wow-factor. These styles can even take your look to the next level because they’re so effortlessly chic. Of course, depending on what you do, only some of these shoes are work-appropriate. But, the same pair can certainly get you there and back in comfort and style.

Here are five very chic shoe styles for fall that will let you kick off your heels and still walk the streets like a runway:

1. Sneakers

As a New Yorker who is always running down the street, as well as up and down stairs to catch the subway, sneakers are my favorite stylish alternatives to heels. Sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore. A classic or bold pair can add an unexpected twist to a casual outfit. Be creative! The sky’s the limit because you can pretty much wear a great pair of sneaks with just about anything.

2. Smoking Slippers

These menswear inspired slippers give a touch of sophistication to any outfit. A pair in a luxe material or with rich accents can elevate a simple look and keep you comfortable enough to make it through the day. Plus, you can wear them to transition from daytime to drinks in the evening.

3. Cut-Out Bootie

An edgy and daring alternative to the heel, this boot adds a very contemporary feel to any look. Try a softer version of this boot for day-to-day wear, or opt for a chunky style to really stand out.

4. Ballerina Flats

A ballerina flat is the smoking slipper’s classic and timeless cousin. A high-quality pair of flats in a neutral color will last several seasons and add a touch of refinement to your look. The ballerina flat is also a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit without overwhelming the ensemble.

5. Boots

A tall boot with an unexpected silhouette or interesting detail is the perfect alternative to high heels. A great pair of boots pull together any look and give it a classic spin that works for day or night.


What are some of your favorite stylish alternatives to heels?