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Summer is the favourite season for most people around the globe. Both your mood and your clothing become lighter and skimpier! Tanned bodies and rosy cheeks are irresistible, but what about the mistreatment of your skin? More and more people tend to have skin cancer due to their exposure to UV radiation, the dangerous component of sunlight.


The are only three things you can do do be protected and maintain your good health! Block it, absorb it, or reflect it away!


Here are some clothing tips:

Fabric blocks sunlight, color absorbs or reflects sunlight, and special chemical treatments also absorb UV radiation. Some even convert it into harmless visible light. Like sunscreen, there is a rating system for clothing called ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF

1. Tight weaves are better than loose weaves (if you can see through it, UV can get through it).

2. Polyester is better than cotton.

3. Dark colors are better than light colors.

3. Dry clothing is better than wet clothing.

4. Choose outfits with long sleeves and long pant legs and collars to get as much protection as possible.

5. Loose clothing can help you stay more cool, even when you are covered up.

6. Always wear a hat, because your face and head get so much sun exposure.

7. A hat made with a light colored material on the outside to reflect UV radiation and keep you cooler, and a darker lining on the brim to prevent UV radiation from reflecting on your face

8. A wide brim of at least three inches.

9. No hats or clothing made of netting, mesh, or other loose weaves because they offer little or no UV protection

Enjoy summer with all your heart, love, swim, dance , create eternal memories but protect the most valuable thing you possess!