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Question: What are some cheap (but cute) summer shoe ideas?

Answer: I love shoes! Who doesn’t love a brand new pair of shoes? Summer is the perfect excuse to buy a cute new pair of shoes. Unfortunately though, shoes can be pretty pricey. So let’s take a look at some fashionable summer shoes at a price that won’t break the bank.

However, we can’t forget that cheap shoes are, in fact, just that—cheap. They’ll last you for about a season (two if you’re lucky) and then you’ll be on a shoe hunt again next year. They also may be less comfortable than a higher priced shoe. I’ll show you both a less expensive shoe and a higher priced shoe and you can decide for yourself!

The sandal flat:

This shoe is perfect for any summer day. Paired with a free flowing dress or a cute pair of shorts this shoe, is a no brainer. Can’t you just picture these black strappy sandals with a skirt and your favorite tank? These beauties are only $16.80 at Forever21. Then we have the adorable brown flat, which is a little more expensive at DSW costing $49.95.

The strappy heel:

Heels can also be casual especially a strappy heel. The great thing is most of the time you can dress up a sandal heel. It’s almost like a two in one shoe! Wedges are the way to go for a transition shoe. They’re easier to talk in and tend to be a bit more comfortable. This t-strap sandal is so cute! and guess what…it’s only $26.00 at LuLu’s. This cork wedge is also a winner, and just a bit more expensive at DSW for $69.95.


The evening shoe:

The key here is to think of shoes that breathe. It is summer so we want to keep it light and airy but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice a fancy night out. An ankle strap is so in right now. Thank goodness it is because it can be so chic. Here we have a black heel with that ever stylish ankle strap. The shoe on the left can be found at Forver21 for $29.80. The shoe on the right can be found at Chinese Laundry for $49.99.



And there you have it—perfect summer shoes that won’t break the bank.