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Cateye Tips for Beginners

I am a cateye noob. I attempted to try this look on many occasions, and it never works out. The wing is either too high, too low, raccoon eyes, or every small t...
perfect eyeliner

How to Apply Eyeliner Flawlessly

If there is one thing I know for sure, it would be that a big winged out eyeliner makes your eyes look more elegant, mysterious, nicely shaped and a lot sex...
bright eyes

How to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

Photo: Pumpkincat Ahh, this is probably one of my favorite questions: How do I make my eyes look brighter? I love this question because it's accompanied by ...
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Makeup for Green Eyes

  We always want our eyes to pop with our makeup! It guarantees that we don't look too washed out. With green eyes, you definitely want to choose makeup...
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Do primers really make a difference?

Question: Do primers really make a difference? Answer: Primers may seem like they don't do much because you may not see an instant difference, but they can ma...