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It’s an inevitable fact: a girl just has to switch up her look sometimes! It’s easy to do this with makeup because of the endless amount of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest. But, don’t forget about your hair! Here’s a list of our favorite temporary hair changes that don’t involve permanent hair color or chopping off your gorgeous locks:

5 Best Temporary Hair changes

1. The Faux Bob Effect

Medium to long haired gals, rejoice! If you desire a drastic hair cut, but aren’t completely sure about your decision yet, try a faux bob style. This allows you to see how your hair would look like at a short, chic length. The key to achieving this look is to use several bobby pins.

To start, be sure to work in small sections. Next, starting at the ends of the hair, roll each strand under and up until it reaches the scalp. Then, pin it in place. Once you’ve pinned every strand into place, pull some shorter pieces around the rest of your face for a loose frame that looks natural.

A sleek and straight bob is an awesome choice for those with medium to short hair. For those with longer hair, style the look with your natural texture for a curled and classy effect.

2. Hair Chalking

The temporary hair color craze that uses hair-friendly chalk is simple and provides great results. Whether you opt for a bold blue or a powerful pink, the color won’t last long, so you’re free to switch it up as often as you please. It’s a smart idea to try this hair experiment when you’re seeking a colorful change, or if you’re testing the waters with permanent hair color.

To try out this DIY hair change, pick up a pack of soft pastel chalks from your local craft store. Then, lightly spray your hair with some water and apply the chalk to your hair with disposable gloves. After allowing your hair to air dry, seal in the color with a curling or flat iron, and style as usual. The amount of time the color will last depends on how often you wash your hair, as well as how healthy it is. If you’re in a rush, you can pick up temporary hair chalk disks, such as the Hot Huez hair chalk kit, which allows you to clip a section of your hair into the top of the clip as you drag it down to distribute the color.

3. Hair Feathers and Clip-In Streaks

This is another great option for ladies looking to add a temporary pop of color or texture to their hair.

Many clip-in streaks and hair feathers are easy enough for a DIY application. But, you can also visit your local salon to have feather hair extensions added to your roots by a professional. They usually last for weeks, and removal is as simple as returning to your salon and having your stylist remove the strand.

4. Elegant Braids

A few years ago, bold braids made a huge comeback in the beauty industry. From fishtails, to French, to five strand braids, all of the styles look girly and fabulous. It’s also a practical choice for college girls on a budget because this look is easily achievable at home.

To cure your hair blues, try the waterfall braid, the side twist fishtail braid, or the Dutch braid. To accessorize your style, incorporate a couple of small, cute bows or some colorful elastics into your look.

5. Hair Extensions

Finally, one of the most well-known and beloved temporary hair changes has to be hair extensions. Purchase your own clip-in extensions, or visit your local salon to speak with a stylist certified in extensions who can properly add length to your locks.

Next time you feel the urge to switch up your hair routine, just try one of these trusted and temporary changes!