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When it comes to handbags some women are willing to spend anywhere from $50 to $10,000 dollars for a bag that’ll look good and make a statement on their shoulder. Most people argue the higher the price the better the quality but sorry not sorry, I’m not going to break the bank over a bag that cost my entire paycheck (or six) because realistically we all have more important expenses to deal with (rent, food, shoes).

One time I went against my principals and purchased a bag for four hundred dollars. It was a beauty, with white and black leather because color blocking anything was in at the time and it was big enough to store everything. I used it once and it got destroyed from the dye on my jeans and jacket. It was not worth it. Learn from my mistake and purchase one of these bags instead: 


Everyday Bag-in-Bag Tote

Sometimes I can be a bit of a bag snob. When I heard about Charming Charlie I thought it was going to be a cheap accessory store but once I visited the store I was proven wrong. Charming Charlie has a great selection of bags, scarves and statement necklaces. What I like about their bags–besides the killer price tag–is the quality. They’re sturdy and the options are endless. Choose from color blocking totes, cross body bags with studs and jewels or clutches for when you go clubbing. I’m a huge fan of their Everyday Bag-in-Bag Tote. It comes in a variety of colors, navy is a great option if you need an office bag or you want something a little less ‘look at me’ compared to the coral or other colors. The contrasting handle adds a pop of something extra to an otherwise regular everyday bag. What really impresses me is the removable travel pouch. It’s great for hiding your essentials like your wallet, phone or anything you wouldn’t want someone to snatch from you but it also works if you’re going on your lunch break and don’t want to carry the entire contents of your bag with you. Talk about versatility. Their Triple Play Tote-In-Tote Bag ($39) is similar except it comes with a matching removable wristlet that could easily be used as a wallet.

T.J. Maxx

BCBG Quilted Dual Handle Tote

So you don’t want to spend too much money but every once in awhile it’s okay to splurge. That’s where T.J. Maxx comes in handy. They have name brand luxury bags like Coach for less. However, those bags are mostly found in stores and not online. Their other options are just as good, like this Quilted Dual Handle Tote from BCBG ($39). It almost resembles the style of a large classic Chanel bag, the price point is just better.


Quinn Privy Tote

Quinn Privy Tote

Guess is known for their clothes but they should also be known for their accessories. How gorgeous is this nude Quinn Privy Tote bag ($50)? The wide shape is similar to a Celine bag but here it’s actually affordable!

Whether you’re buying a bag, a dress or anything else for that matter sometimes the price depends on where and when you shop. During January many stores have semi-annual sales so if you wanted to buy a name brand you would be able to get last seasons bag anywhere from 20%-50% or more off. Semi’s also happen tend to happen around June as well. You can also check outlets for great deals. Plus, don’t forget to shop around for online coupons. Shopping smart can lead you to saving big. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your dream bag for half price or the knock off version that works just as well.