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A cocktail party must be something stunning but comfortable. Party time is the perfect occasion to wear something that enhance your natural beauty. Depending on the location, you should also consider to wear a top coat, in case the night gets chilly,  and this could be a classic trench-coat or leather jacket if you want to keep an edgy look and also tights could be a good compliment, but opt for a sheer black  tone if you decide to go a dress in a dark hue.

As I mentioned before, the perfect dress for a cocktail party is that one which make you feel and look good; to make a good choice think about what part of your body you like the most and try  to find the piece that enhance it, for example, you have pretty legs, then a great choice is a little black dress, but if you prefer the upper body a grecian style could make you feel like a goddess.  Here are some styles that range from classic to unconventional but always on trend.

The Little Black Dress (LBD)

You can never go wrong with an LBD.  Styles varies from long to short and you will never look overdress when you wear a black dress.  Minimum accessories are needed and a pair of heels will make the final touch.

Skater dress,


Party Perfect. Photo:

The Gown

Dresses for a cocktail party varies in styles and colors and gowns are also a good alternative and it does not matter if you are petite or regular size, you will always look sleek and sophisticated.

Maxi dress,


Party Ready.

 The Suit

If wearing pants is what make you feel comfortable then be audacious and show your fashion sense; try a tailored pant and jacket with a button down and heels, the result will be stunning.


Whether if you decide to go for a classic look or another alternative; the most important is that you find the piece that make you feel happy and secure. Enjoy the party!