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There’s a reason ruby lips have always been hot on the runway – they’re a timeless classic. If you think you can’t pull off red lips, think again. Here are a few tips to ensure you will rock the red lip look like it’s nobody’s business:

Find the right red for your skin tone.
The most common mistake when choosing a red lipstick is picking a color that doesn’t mesh with one’s skin tone. Choosing the right hue can be the difference between a smokin’ red lip and a washed out look. Here’s the scoop on what’s right for your skin tone:

– Fair: Blue-based reds
– Medium: Orange-reds
– Dark: Scarlet with blue undertones

Embrace the heat.
When it comes to ruby lips, it’s all about the attitude. Really. In order to pull off red lipstick, it’s important to wear it with confidence. Whether it’s a dark scarlet shade or a bright orange-red, it is vital to be comfortable wearing a dramatic hue. If you’re new to red lipstick, don’t sweat it: fake it till you make it! If you’ve tried to wear red lipstick countless times and still can’t seem to get comfortable with it, try sporting a hue that’s just a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. As an alternative, you can always settle for a reddish lip gloss before working your way up to a more bold lipstick.

Stick with neutral eye makeup.
Neutral eyeshadow shades go with red lips like cake goes with ice cream. Trust us when we say that less is more in this case. If you don’t already own a palette with a decent selection of nude shades, check out Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette. You can wear black mascara and even pair it with a tasteful cat eye. We know blush can be addictive, but take it easy and avoid ultra-bright (but sometimes tempting) blush shades.

Keep your lips properly moisturized
If you want that color to last, we recommend applying lip balm or chapstick beforehand. We’re talking 5-10 minutes before swiping on lipstick. This trick is especially helpful if your lips tend to dry up or your lipstick has the tendency to flake away. If chapstick is applied after the lipstick has set, it may take away from its bold hue – so this is more a method of prepping your lips before adding lipstick. Plus, a girl just doesn’t have the time to keep re-applying lipstick like there’s no tomorrow. If lips are properly moisturized, lipstick will last longer.

With these tips, you have no excuse not to give red lipstick a spin. Oh, and if you have the lingering worry that you’ll stain your favorite coffee mug, try an ultra-powerful lipstick like Kat Von D’s Voiled Love Liquid Lipstick (um, it’s practically immortal)! What has been your experience with red lipstick? How often would you rock the red lipstick look?