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After becoming viral on Thursday through Facebook and Tumblr, this simple image of a dress is splitting the nation apart. Tumblr user swiked uploaded this decidedly blurry and over (or under?) exposed picture, and the response was incredible. No one could come to a definite conclusion as to whether this dress was black and blue or white and gold.



What color do you see?

While roughly half of the population sees the dress as blue and black, the other half insists that the dress is in fact, white and gold. Indeed, wars have been fought over less.

So what color is the dress for real? The answer may be more complicated than you think. The reason why some people see white and gold may have to do with the light color temperature they have installed in their homes. Most people have normal, orange-yellow colored lights. The brain tries to adjust for this orange light and adjusts the way we see the dress, making us think it is white. Other people may have more natural, white light exposure and see the picture in blue. In essence, the picture is somewhat of an optical illusion. In any case, both colors actually appear in the photo, as discovered by reddit user BLTspirit:


Our brain pieces together colors and their surrounding colors and assembles what we see. Factors such as eyesight, where we are in relation to the color, and color placement all can change what image our mind gives us.

Some people have reported seeing the dress as white and gold at first, and reverted to black and blue moments later, bewildered by a seemingly color-shifting dress. Others simply swear on their lives that the dress is white and gold. The true answer was discovered by saavy internet sleuths, who pointed out that the dress is a Royal-Blue Lace Detail Bodycon Dress, in black and blue:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 12.45.32 AM

In any case, if you want to be able to view the dress in alternate colors, this image created by reddit user Nashad may help. If you see the dress in blue and want to see it in white, view the first picture. If you see the dress in white and want to see it in blue, view the second picture.

If you see white and want to see blueIf you see blue and want to see white

What colors do you see? Discuss below!


What color do you see?