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There are a few ways you can wear thigh or knee-high boots in a stylish manner without feeling like you’re walking down the streets dressed up as Kesha! Here are some of the best ways to integrate thigh high boots into your everyday attire:

Come summertime, every woman loves to slip into a skater skirt or a pretty, flowy mini-dress. So, why not try a loose skirt in a neutral tone with some sexy thigh-highs to achieve the classy, but fierce look you’re going for! If you want to tone it down a bit, you can pair the boots with a simple dress and denim jacket. This way, you can show very minimal skin but still rock those awesome boots.

Believe it or not, thigh-high boots can even be office-appropriate if styled correctly! These boots look great with a pencil skirt and a button-up shirt, and they give your daytime work look a bit of edge. Polish the outfit off and throw on a trendy trench coat on your way to the office.

For yet another way to incorporate this item into your wardrobe, wear your thigh-highs with some sheer black tights and a tunic. This look is great for those chilly months. Plus, the boots will instantly dress up those plain sweaters that you haven’t worn in a while.

Perhaps the simplest way to break in those boots and feel super confident in them, is to pair the shoes with simple skinny jeans and a leather jacket. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of an ensemble like this one because it’s easy to put together, yet still extremely chic.

And of course, the most important thing to remember when wearing those thigh-highs is the right attitude. Strut your stuff and walk like a superstar!