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: What are some tips for wearing boots in spring?

Answer: Wearing boots in the springtime should be done more often. Women spend some serious money on gorgeous boots and only wear them during the fall and winter months. We need to change that—not only to get more bang for our buck, but also to look ravishing in the amazing boots we buy.

Oftentimes, people are afraid of wearing skirts or shorts with boots because they fear looking too scandalous. Not to worry though, because wearing cute boots in the spring can be done right!

Let’s go over some terminology: the bootie is just like the ankle boot. As opposed to mid-calf or knee high boots, the bootie reaches your ankle area, and may or may not have a heel. Now, there is also the “shootie”. Shooties is the new term for a pair of boots that have an even lower cut than ankle boots. In other words, they are cut more like a shoe. The bootie and the shootie are the springiest looks. They are very on trend this season and are definitely worth giving a shot. They are versatile, adorable, and effortlessly sexy.

A few basic tips will help you rock boots in the springtime: as your bottoms get shorter, the height of your boot should be shortened as well. In other words, shorts work better with a bootie (as opposed to a knee-high boot). Similarly, a longer and more formal dress may look better with a pair of knee-high boots rather than a casual shootie. Also, note the color of your boots. To make boots more suitable for spring, stick with lighter hues. Try a taupe, beige, or camel brown. That is not to say that you can’t wear a black boots—but lighter colors do add to the springtime effect. You can also try booties that have cutouts. It can be a peep toe or a heel cutout; the added skin showing adds to the spring vibe.

There are countless ways to work boots into your spring look: you can wear knee high boots, mid-calf boots, or booties with skirts and dresses. This is a classic look.  A knee-high, wedge boot worn with an appropriate dress makes for a great office professional look. Mid-calf combat boots can be paired with a cute patterned dress and a cropped jacket for instant edge. Wooden heeled booties are the perfect match for a flowing, spring colored dress.

Ankle boots and shooties work perfectly with cropped jeans or pants as well. They allow for a little skin to show between the hemline and the top of the boot. Boots are even doable with shorts. Shorts are borderline summer wear, but they can be worn in the spring on a warmer day. Attempt a pair of high waisted shorts with a pair of ankle boots or shooties, a white, v-neck tee, and a long, oversized sweater. If this seems a little scary and you don’t like how booties look with shorts, swap them for cropped jeans instead.

Boot season is here to stay until spring so don’t put your boots away for the season right when the temperatures start to warm up.  Try booties and shooties with skirts, dresses, and cropped pants, and you’ll bring in the spring season looking amazing.