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As a fall lover, I literally count down the days on my calendar till I can start pulling out my chunky knits and riding boots. For some people, going from Summer into Fall can be tough. What should I buy? Can I still wear this in the fall? Would it be crazy if I wore this? Your questions have now been answered.

Chunky Knits

If you’re anything like me, chunky knits will literally consume every outfit you wear during the fall. I absolutely adore how comfortable they are and they literally go with anything! So on the days where it’s cold but not Antarctica freezing, you can definitely do a cute chunky knit tucked in a skirt. Or my go-to, chunky knit, leggings and flats.

Riding Boots

These are a major necessity for me. Riding boots are so classic, why wouldn’t you want to invest in a beautiful pair? The outfit possibilities are endless with riding boots and you can definitely play around with them by wearing them as is, or adding a pair of leg warmers to peek out from the top.

Other boots I suggest for the fall: Chelsea boots and cute booties! Chelsea boots are my absolute favorite next to the riding boots, and who doesn’t love a cute pair of booties?


Scarves are the perfect touch to any outfit. They add that pop of color that you’ve been dying to add into your wardrobe. They give you that bold print that you’d like to incorporate into your outfit. Plus, they’re warm so stock up! I love going to Target to check out the scarves that they have because they always have the cutest prints/colors in stock. Also, H&M is my go-to for chunky scarves or infinity scarves.


I will be brutally honest: I cannot stand hats. I’ve always hated them, I’ve never understood their purpose, I was convinced all hats wanted to do was ruin peoples hair. Okay, so that was my mentality for about…17 years? And then I really got into hats. But not the hats that you see on American Horror Story: Coven or the infamous Pharrell hat. No. I really got into beanies. I love the slouchiness of a beanie and how it instantly gives your outfit that laid-back look. Pair it with a white v-neck, leather jacket, distressed denim, Chelsea boots and some aviators, and you’re good to go!


Jackets are a major staple piece for my fall wardrobe. Leather jackets to be exact. When I feel like switching up my look, that’s the first thing I grab and build my outfit solely around it. I highly recommend going out and investing in a good quality leather jacket, I promise, it will not disappoint.

Other jackets I love for the fall: trench coats, and light puffer jackets, take the Burberry jackets for example. I’ve been wearing mine almost everyday since New York started getting colder.

Can this still be worn in the Fall?

The answer is YES! Fashion is all about having fun and taking risks with your outfits. Now, I’m not saying go out in short-shorts and crop tops in 50 degree weather. No, no. That would not be a good idea. But Fall is the perfect time to take some of your summer pieces and begin to transition them into your fall outfits.

Let’s take lace tops for example. I absolutely adore anything lace. I love the detail and how delicate it is. You can easily bring lace tops into your fall outfits by layering them underneath sweaters. It can instantly add a delicate touch to that chunky knit that you’ve been living in.

Skirts are another piece that can easily be worn during the fall. Add an adorable pair of stockings and some booties and you’re set!

Although I wouldn’t highly recommend wearing shorts during the fall, you can definitely do so by adding a pair of stockings as well. This has been a trend that’s been around for a long time so don’t worry, we won’t judge you.

The same thing goes for dresses as well. Basically any article of clothing that exposes the leg area, just add a pair of stockings and you’re set.
Photo by Fervent-Adepte-De-La-Mode