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Question: What beauty and fashion trends should I ditch?


If you’re anything like me, you endlessly search the Internet, social media, magazines and the mall for the latest fashion and beauty trends. The problem with trends is they’re great for today, but could easily be on the outs tomorrow. Remember the cringe-worthy poncho? But fashion is a constant recycling of trends that die only to be resurrected and revamped for seasons to come. So for those of you who have been keeping certain garments hanging around in your closet or beauty products stuffed in your makeup bag hoping it’ll make a comeback, you’re in luck. Most will resurface. But there are those few I hope we can say goodbye to forever. In no particular order, here are 10 fashion and beauty trends that might have seemed like a good concept at the time but will have most of us regretting it later.

  1. Harem Pants – MC Hammer called: he wants his look back. Ladies, there’s nothing flattering about wearing silk pants that look like there’s a diaper wedged between your thighs. No matter how much Bieber and other celebrities try to convince us this look is in, it belongs in the ‘80s. If you want comfort, go for sweats or pajama pants. Combining the two in one pair of pants with a saggy crotch in the middle is just plain wrong. And might I add, it just makes you look sloppy not hip.
  2. Ombre Everything – Ombre hair (hair that is dyed gradually from dark to light or vice versa) is still having a moment, but gradients aren’t complementary on everyone. Frankly, for most, it looks like their roots need to be done. I’d love to see the bold division traded in for a “sombre” (subtle ombre) approach or face framing highlights instead. And while we’re at it, let’s say bye-bye to ombre clothing. The dip-dyed trend is a great alternative to color-blocking, but not everything looks stylish with the ombre effect.
  3. Embellished Denim – There’s no trend I hate worse than embellished jeans. I love a little bling and shine just like the next girl, but I don’t need it smeared all across my butt. Embellishments like rhinestones and printed words on your backside will draw attention there and make your butt look bigger. And unless you’ve got a perfect bum, I doubt you want all eyes on your assets. Bedazzled jeans should be left to craft projects not fashion. Plain, printed or colored denim is effortlessly chic. Let’s save the glitz for jewelry and tops, shall we?
  4. Dresses Over Pants – Wearing a dress over jeans or slacks is a lot of look and layers to pull off for most girls. Why not let a dress be a dress? It doesn’t need a pair of bulky pants underneath. But if you’re a little leg shy or want to wear a dress during frigid temperatures, keep it simple with tights or leggings.
  5. Partial Hair Shave – I love a great hair trend. There’s the pixie cut, bob and beach waves. But shaving one side of your head isn’t one of those timeless hair trends, particularly if you have long hair. I imagine the growing out period won’t be too kind either. Maybe it’s just too edgy and overrated for my taste, but I personally believe it’s a look that only celebrities with professional hair stylists on-call can wear.
  6. Wedge Sneakers – Sneakers? Absolutely fine. Wedged heels? Sign me up. But both together is a bit strange to me. Sure, they’re perfect for running errands in or going to the gym. They go with just about anything, and they give us petite girls some added height. But this footwear trend has been in for two seasons, and I’m ready to see it go.
  7. Leggings as Pants – Some of you may already know how I feel about leggings as pants. Here’s a brief overview just in case you missed it: Leggings are great for working out and lounging on the couch, but this form of outerwear can be extremely unflattering on most body types. And unfortunately, they don’t serve double duty as pants for any occasion.
  8. Socks with Heels or Flats – Unless you want to emulate Dorothy in her coveted ruby red slippers, I think this is one trend that should be left in Oz. Not only does it look a bit juvenile, but it can also shorten your legs and emphasize parts most of us don’t want to highlight. Ballet flats are meant to be worn barefoot because a large portion of the foot is left uncovered. But if you’re not into heels and want to wear flats with socks, I suggest menswear-inspired Oxford shoes. By the way, I’m not totally against socks. I love mid-calf length socks worn with modern skirts, dresses or shorts.
  9. Drawn-On Eyebrows – I’m all about filling, shaping or highlighting your brow bone. However, tattooing or drawing your eyebrows on your face is a definite no. Eyebrows help to frame our face, and they should have a natural curve and hair growing from them. Overplucking and drawing on your eyebrows can change your face for the worse, giving you a clown-like appearance.
  10. Bandage Dresses – I’d like to fault Kim Kardashian for this body-con trend, but even she has let it go. So should we. Only flattering on a small percentage of the fashion set, the bandage dress isn’t a universally-appealing silhouette. Its fabrication, (hello…spandex and nylon anyone?) along with the tight fit, can make you look a bit dated. Besides, I don’t think most of us want to walk around sucking in our stomach and thighs.

Trends like these should wither away in fad territory and never rise from the ashes again. While it may be easy to go with the flow and jump on the bandwagon, elevating a trend and putting your own stamp on it is the epitome of personal style. And personal style never fades away like fads of the past. Most importantly, looking and feeling good in whatever you choose (even if it only lasts for a few months) is definitely one trend I can rally behind.

What beauty & fashion trends do you love  or love to hate?