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trendy puffer jackets

Photo by shenamt

Winter storm alerts have already begun and it’s only the middle of November. Some states (and countries) have already been impacted by the cold. Even if the snow hasn’t come your way yet, freezing temperatures are sure to bring you down.

Ladies, as well all know it can be a full time job trying to stay fashionable in the winter with oversized sweaters, infinity scarves and thick winter boots, we mainly focus on our outfits for the inside–instead of the outside so we forget the most important part: the jacket.

A jacket fights off the harsh wind and hard snow or rain as we trek from place to place. Sure pea coats make our bodies look sleek and trench coats are always in fashion but they don’t necessary keep us warm. We need proper insulation or else cold season will hit us hard. No matter what anyone says you can still look fashionable and stay warm by investing in a puffer jacket.

Puffer jackets have made a huge comeback this season. Gone are the days where they are big and bulky. They can be sleek, manageable and trendy.

Don’t worry about looking like Frosty the Snowman. Embrace the insulation with these trendy puffer jacket options:


Remember when you were in middle school and everyone wore a puffer jacket? They were constricting and once everyone put theirs on the coat hook, you’d watch them all fall down as if the jackets were conspiring against you and your annoyed teacher who would make everyone pick them up until finally she got tired of the same routine. Your jacket was probably black or pink, just like everyone else’s. Now you can stand out from the crowd and make a statement with this silver down jacket from American Eagle. Silver matches with anything, neon and pastel colors or the basics like black, blue and white. The jacket also comes with a faux sherpa lined hood and is water resistant.


If we’ve learned anything from celebrities and their stylists, adding a belt to anything bulky like an oversized sweater or a flowy dress can transform any outfit. So why not do the same with your jacket? This DKNY hooded faux-fur puffer coat cinches your waist and falls above the knee making it long enough so you don’t freeze if you wear leggings but not too long you’re channeling your 80-year-old grandmother. While the platinum color is cute, the jacket also comes in black, beige and grey because who doesn’t like options?


Don’t want to step out of your comfort zone or do you like classic pieces that you can go back to every few years once they come back in style? This is an updated version of the classic puffer jacket. The navy color will match with just about anything you pair it with, plus the zipper and snap buttons won’t let the harshest breeze creep in.


This jacket is for the cheetah obsessed. It has a mock collar and a removable hood, great if you want to show off your hair or wear one of your own winter hats to downplay the print of the jacket. Wear it with skinny jeans and boots or make it sexy with hoop earrings, because 90’s fashion has totally made a comeback, and your favorite pair of booties.


Reveal your inner badass with this moto inspired puffer jacket. The jacket has an asymmetrical gold zipper, four front pockets perfect for listening to your iPod or stashing a thin scarf and a hidden hood in the zip collar. It comes in both black and red.


A color blocking puffer jacket? Sold. This is a perfect example of high fashion meeting street style. This collarless white and black quilted jack molds to your shape to show off your figure with an adjustable insert belt. The only downside is that it’s collarless, so pair it off with a cashmere scarf to keep the chill away.

There are so many options out there for cute puffer jackets, you’ve just got to look in the right place. With any jacket you might need to size up depending on what you’re wearing underneath, which may or may not effect your decision when buying a traditionally oversized jacket. I think we can all live with that, it’s better than being cold.