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Question: What’s the best way to trim my bangs?

Answer: I’m so glad someone asked this question because I have blunt bangs and usually trim them myself. So, I have a ton of tips! Whether you have side bangs or rock an edgy blunt cut, these tips will come in handy.

Invest in a pair of hair scissors. Because this tool is specifically made to cut hair, it’s sharper than a regular pair of scissors and has a slimmer top — ultimately making it much easier to chop those locks.

Point the scissors vertical to you bangs. This technique takes off less hair so you’ll have way more control. Also, you won’t end up with a perfectly straight line, which can look strange. Your cut will be a bit more layered and natural-looking.

Start with wet hair, then finish with dry hair. If your bangs need a serious trim, start with wet hair. Comb your hair really straight, and then slowly take off about half the amount you think needs to be trimmed. Your hair appears longer when wet and shorter when dry. After you’ve cut off the amount you want, dry your bangs like you would normally style them. You can go back in and cut off more if needed. This ensures that you won’t cut off too much.

Watch some video tutorials. If you’re more of a visual learner, then look up some video tutorials on YouTube or other websites. They have plenty of great how-to videos of girls trimming their bangs and explaining the process at the same time.

Remember, if you really don’t feel comfortable cutting your bangs at home, just go to a stylist. This way, you can avoid making any mistakes. And best of all, most stylists can give you a quick trim for a really low price.