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How can I add volume to my hair?

AnswerFlat hair is a total drag. Nothing is worse than starting your day with limp, lifeless hair and wanting nothing more than to hide under a hat and throw in the towel. However, I’m pleased to share with you some tools and tricks that will liven up your locks and transform your hair from gloom to va-va-voom!

Dry shampoo is a great way to add instant volume to your hair. No, really! Dry shampoo will give your hair texture. Even if your hair is freshly washed, just use dry shampoo immediately afterward to add a little oomph to your ‘do. Shake the can vigorously and spray your roots in short bursts all around the crown and back of your hair. Wait a few seconds, then tousle your roots with your fingers and shake out all the excess product. Step back and check out your awesomely lifted locks!

Another great new tip I recently learned is to use a mini hair crimper on the roots of your hair. Be sure to only do this on the back portion of your hair and to leave a top layer un-crimped so that you don’t have any crimping showing. Section off the back of your hair in small sections, clipping the top of your hair out of the way. Clamp down right at the root with the crimper and hold for a few seconds. When you’re done, release the clipped section of hair and tousle your hair with your fingers, focusing especially on the crimped area. You can also add some light weight hairspray for extra lift.

Yet another awesome product I found is the L’Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray. Lift the top sections of your hair and spray right at the root. When you’re done, it’ll literally look like you just teased the living daylights out of your hair. All you need to do next is lightly comb over your hair to subdue the volume (I’m telling you: it does an amazing job!) and you’re good to go.

When you’re in a pinch, grab a fine-tooth comb, lift small sections of your hair, and back-comb right at the root. To smooth everything out, lightly comb in the direction you want your hair to lye, and fluff up your roots with your fingers.

Do you have any tips for adding volume to hair?