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Hi, ladies! So, I will admit: I was once guilty of being a non-believer in hair extensions—but only because I was blessed with very thick, long locks. I simply didn’t need the extra volume or thickness in my hair. Because I had cut over 11 inches off during the summer AND my hair was thinning out dramatically due to my Accutane regimen, I thought it would be nice to try out some hair extensions for fun…you guys, I am in LOVE!

Photo Nov 04, 3 48 53 PM

Since I’ve never owned a pair of hair extensions before, this experience was so exciting for me! The company, Luxury for Princess, looked over some of my social media pictures and then sent me 2 pictures of the colors they thought would match my hair well. They sent me one in natural light and one in the sunlight. (impeccable customer service)! I decided to go with the color dark brown.

As soon as I received these extensions, I literally ripped them open because I was so excited.

It came in a packet with one two clip extensions that were for testing out. From what I know about hair extension companies, you CANNOT return extensions if you open up the side with all the hair. I clipped in the tester in my natural hair and it was a perfect match, especially with my highlighted hair! The packet also included two extra metal clips in case yours get damaged or lost. Luxury for Princess hair is Remy Human Hair. Remy Human Hair is the highest grade of real human hair used for hair extensions. The cuticles of Remy Hair are kept intact and not stripped. This ensures that the hair remains super soft and tangled free. With Human hair, you can cut, apply hair products, wash them, curl, straighten and dye them unlike synthetic hair.

If I’m going to be spending money on extensions, I want them to be high quality, look natural and deliver. Luxury for Princess hair extensions did exactly that. I am so impressed with the volume and extra thickness it gives. Being a lifestyle blogger, I change up my look from time to time and these extensions are the perfect addition to my everyday routine. I did trim mine since my hair is pretty short so these extensions give a little length and a lot of volume! If you all want to try out Luxury for Princess Hair Extensions, use the discount code, “ThePanwarPalace” at checkout to save some bucks!  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

    thick hair

Photo Nov 02, 12 25 48 AM

thick voluminous hair

Photo Nov 02, 12 22 46 AM

Love Always,

Megan Panwar