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Question: How can I wear jeans fashionably? I’m not a jeans girl.

Answer: Jeans, jeans, jeans. It seems that you either love them, or simply can’t wrap your mind around them. I have always been in the latter category until recently. What changed? I found a super-flattering pair of jeans. Step one to making sure you look and feel great in denim is the fit.

Find your fit

Whoever said confidence was a woman’s greatest accessory was not lying; how good you feel in your jeans will make or break your look. Keeping this in mind, try on several different cuts and washes to figure out what makes you feel and look your absolute best. Also, be mindful of stretching. When at the store, be sure to ask a salesperson about how much the jeans “give”. If they are known to stretch a lot, buy a size down to ensure that you will never be left with unintentionally shapeless jeans.

Another word to the wise on your jeans hunt: DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! If you are patient and willing to do some digging, you will find a pair that makes you look beautiful and best of all, feel beautiful.

Find your style

As for styling your jeans, look no further than what you already have in your closet. The wonderful thing about blue jeans is that they look effortlessly chic with a crisp white button-down, a silky blouse, a beat up band t-shirt, and so many other things!  I personally love the jean-with-a-button-down look. Throw on a black blazer to add some extra polish! Also, a flowy top paired with slim-cut jeans is a surefire way to light up a room.

Jeans are equally as versatile when it comes to footwear. For trotting around town, flats, leather loafers, or cool sneakers are all stylish go-to choices. For evening, a pair of killer heels can instantly elevate your look from daytime to party time. Of course, you could always slide your jeans into your favorite pair of boots for fall and winter dressing.

Jeans can be tricky, but your looks will fall into place once you find the right pair.

How do you wear your jeans?