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Question: How do I wear neutral colors?

Answer: The word neutral sounds plain— it even looks kind of plain— but in terms of fashion, it shouldn’t be so. Coming from someone who has a wardrobe full of neutrals, I stand by their ability to compose a complete outfit and look amazing.

Some people think of neutrals as simply white, taupe, and grey. The spectrum of neutrals actually consists of many colors; think of all of the colors between black and white, between black and brown, between white and brown, and many more like faded rose pink, deep burgundy, and even army green. All these colors pose opportunities to mix and match.

The beauty of neutrals? You can wear them with almost anything and still look polished. Looking boring is always a concern, but not if you liven it up. You can liven it up with textures, accessories and accent colors.

Textures and fabrics are important in an outfit. If you wear all cotton, all neutrals, yes, it might come across as boring— so mix it up a bit! Consider this winter look: black jeans, a white chiffon blouse and a light blush colored wool coat. Something more for spring-like? White jeans, a beige tank top and a camel colored leather jacket. Nothing about these outfits scream color, but they do scream gorgeous!

Another way to make neutrals look less boring is to fully consider accessories. Sometimes we can put on the same jewelry out of routine, but we have to snap out of that habit! With a neutral outfit, you can use jewelry to subtly enhance it, or as a canvas to display it. Try wearing gold to add some chic shine; maybe slim gold bracelets and rings. If you want to take the more dramatic route, go for a powerful piece. Pull out the statement necklace from the back of your drawer and wear it like it’s art. Don’t forget: if you wear a statement necklace; try to tone down the rest of your jewelry to balance everything out.

Accessories don’t stop at jewelry. It includes shoes and bags too. Shoes are an obsession of mine and many of them happen to be neutrals since they go with everything! However, this is the time to bust out the animal print. If you’re wearing many shades of cream in your outfit, spice it up with a leopard print shoe or bag if you’re feeling bold.

Accent colors are also the perfect way to spice up an outfit of neutrals. Choose a pink clutch or maybe a bright blue bag against an outfit of black and white. Although neutrals are simpler to coordinate with, it doesn’t mean that every accent color will match. Try to be thoughtful about what you choose!

Even though neutrals can seem boring, they are actually far from it. Neutrals open the door to the beauty of possibilities and simplicity. Even though it’s neutral, it can still look overdone with too many textures or colors in the outfit. Use your fashionable eye along with these tips and your neutral wardrobe will never be bland.