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Question: What should I wear to a picnic?

Answer: If you’re going to a picnic, you’ll want an outfit that’s functional! While picnics may just involve sitting around and chatting with friends, they can also translate to games of tag football, three-flies-up and volleyball. Or maybe just a simple walk down memory lane on the swings with your bff. Either way, you will want to wear something that’s cute and has functionality, if you’re the type that likes to get involved in the active stuff like I do!

For a picnic, I would recommend wearing a cute top and shorts, overalls, a romper, or jeans and a fun top. I personally always like to wear flats if I’m heading to a picnic — heels and wedges just aren’t very grass-friendly. Plus, if you want to run around, flats are your best bet. (Or kick your shoes off instead! Nothing’s better than grass under your tootsies!) If you do plan on being active, keep accessories to a minimum as well. I’m speaking from experience when I say that rings and bracelets can inhibit your activities (or get broken!). Or if you want to still wear them, just take them off if you’re gonna be doing something active. That’s my M.O., anyway.

Below are a few photos from my blog featuring outfits I would wear to a picnic. You can still be fashionable and cute, but just remember to wear something that you can move around in!