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Question: What wedding makeup looks should I try out this summer?

Answer: Ooh, this is a fun one. With wedding season just around the corner, you can transform your look from the ceremony to the reception with a few well-known (and well-placed) items!

The idea of looking a bit more on the conservative side for the ceremony is really ideal—I mean, no one wants to look overdone while the bride and groom are sharing their sweet I-do’s. We’ve all seen it: thick false lashes, glittery eye shadow, loads of black eyeliner, and cleavage out to there…eek! But the reception is a place to let loose, get your sexy on and dance the night away!

Figuring you’ve done your basic makeup for the soulful merger, you can easily add to this look by stashing a few beauty staples in your clutch. Start with a bronzer for contouring your face. Apply under the cheekbones, on the temples, along the sides of the nose and bottom of the chin in a not-too-shimmery shade like La Riviera Sun Bronzer by Vincent Longo ($32, This will instantly give shape to your face and show off (or create) some great bone structure. Don’t forget to add a small pinch of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Personally, I’m loving Tarina Tarantino’s Dollskin Cream Blush to keep the glow going in “Coral Cameo” or “Mr. Pink”.

Next, align yourself with the latest summer color trends by creating a quick ombre eye. Layer a shimmery shadow over the top of your day look—Mirabella has some great options like Color Queen duos in “Titan/Haute” or “Cultured/Serenity”. Create a cat eye with a thin sweep of gel liner in black or brown (Ofra makes one with some extra playtime called Fixline Eyeliner) and leave the bottom lash line bare. This way, your bright lip won’t throw off the rest of your look.

Choose a cream or matte lip color for maximum impact. After all, you’ll want that color to survive the champagne toast! Bold oranges or purple-y pinks are fresh alternatives to red. Check out Mirabella’s Pretty & Provocative Lipstick in “Volatile”, “Heat”, or “Tantrum”.

Finish off either of these looks with a sweep of bronzer on that décolleté (which you can now proudly show off at the celebration). Have a wonderful time!

 – T. Sammarco, Wantable Beauty Expert