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I know I’m not alone when I say that the kabuki brush is one of my favorite makeup brushes—if not my favorite. This is mainly because it has many different uses, and you only need to buy one brush! Here are some of the best kabukis and, more importantly, what you can do with them:


Foundation & powder

My favorite way to use the kabuki is for foundation application—I use the Tarte Airbuki to apply foundation almost every single day. While it is made for a powder foundation, it works great for liquid and cream as well. I highly recommend a flat-top kabuki for this, as it gives a flawless, airbrushed finish when stippled on to the skin. I also use a kabuki to apply powder to set my makeup, but if you attempt this, be mindful to tap the excess off your brush—a kabuki has very densely packed fibers and will pick up tons of product, potentially giving you cake-face!


The kabuki brush is also great for bronzing and applying blush. Its densely-packed fibers makes for a smooth finish and flawless blending. For bronzer or blush, I recommend using a big, fluffy, soft kabuki to swirl the product onto your skin.


Kabuki brushes are great for contouring the face, especially an angled one like this one from The Body Shop. The densely packed hairs in a kabuki make for great blending and will keep your contour from looking splotchy.

All in all, kabukis are an essential brush for anyone’s collection, and it can perform many different tasks. There may be many types of kabukis, but  just a basic one can do all the above makeup looks wonderfully.