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Question: What is eyebrow threading?

Answer: Eyebrow threading is an ancient technique from the Middle East. Many of the individuals who practice threading—and the most talented I have found—are from the Middle East and have been threading brows for years. My threader has been doing it for over 25 years, first in her native country and now here in the U.S. You can find threading services at shopping malls, as they are often in hair salons.

Your eyebrow designer will wrap a long piece of thread around their fingers (similar to floss), double it, then twist the thread so it spirals around itself. They take the spiral and lightly press it down onto areas with hair, opening the spiral so it catches your hair as it glides across your brow area, and effectively pulling the hairs out. Eyebrow threading feels similar to the pulling sensation associated with plucking. So, does eyebrow threading hurt? Well, it does cause a tiny bit of discomfort—but personally I don’t think it’s any worse than waxing. It just takes a little longer.

When it comes to eyebrow threading, the eyebrow designer is able to get a bit more detailed when shaping your brows. On your eyebrows, there are support hairs that hold up other hair to allow for a more defined shape or arch. With threading, you can leave those support hairs in and pull out the surrounding ones that shouldn’t be there. This isn’t really something you need to know—but it’s interesting.

If you are going in for the first time, bring a picture of someone with the shape of brow that you want. The biggest perk associated with threading is the ability to get the arch that you want. The designer will be able to look at your facial structure and pick the best brow shape for you—that is, if you would rather put your trust into them and not bring a picture. Before your appointment, make sure your brows are kind of bushy so that there’s enough hair to get the shape you want out of them.

I am a major supporter of eyebrow threading, and think that it’s especially beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin. I’ve been having my eyebrows threaded consistently for the past 3 years (every 4-5 weeks) and I will never go back to waxing my brows ever again! My husband even did it right before our wedding, so dudes: check this out, too!

Don’t be that girl with an almost uni-brow or no brows because you waxed/plucked too much! Try threading—it may cost a little more than waxing, but it is so worth it.