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A common misconception is that you cannot express your fashion sense throughout the winter months — especially when you’re wrapped up in a thick coat and boots. What I have discovered is that there are SO many different styles of jackets and parkas for the winter with many ways of styling them.


For the past two winter seasons, my go-to jacket has been the TNA Blackcomb Parka from Aritizia. With this jacket in particular, I love pairing it with simple Original Tall Hunter Boots in black, a warm knit scarf from Etsy and beanie from Hollister.


During the winter, my main focus is to stay warm [with style in mind]. This is probably one of my most loved looks. It’s cute, stylish and above all it keeps you toasty warm during the cold, brisk weather. It does playoff a very casual feel to it, and although I love to dress up and look sophisticated, I am a huge fan of a casual look – this look, super casual.




Not everyone likes to go with this winter fashion look on a daily basis, so there is room to flare it up a bit. Instead of a winter Parka, you can try a winter Peacoat. These coats, although very stylish, keep you extremely warm during the winter months due to the wool blend lining. With an ENVELOPING HOODED Peacoat, try pairing it with a mid-calf riding MICHAEL KORS Boot and a Taupe Hand Knit Scarf from Etsy.


I really do love this look. It is a very classy and sophisticated look baring an edgy twist to it with the leather sleeves on a wool-blend peacoat. Again, it’s so important to stay warm and this look, while looking very classy and fashionable, is also a very functional look that will keep you toasty.




An Urban twist on a winter look can be a lot of fun. It’s sort of a mix of styles with it still being it’s own look. With this look, try pairing a dark olive TNA BRITANNIA Parka from Aritzia with the Black TROOPA Boot from Steve Madden. Due to the fact this look has a lot of darker colours, try adding a pop of colour with a Burgundy Red Knit Scarf from Etsy.

This look is very urban, stylish and casual. By adding a pop of colour, you are taking a look that could potentially look dull and brightening it up with something eye-catching like a bold red scarf. For a helpful tip, take these boots to a local shoe cobbler and have rubber soles attached as this boots have a smooth bottom. The rubber bottoms will prevent any slipping.